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About the office

Shimony- Ochayon Law Office is a boutique firm that specializes in legal counseling in three core areas:
אייקון לחיצת ידיים

Commercial law, corporate law and support of transactions (various)

אייקון הסכם

Real estate and property law

אייקון בית משפט

Representation in court (litigation) and conflict resolution

The office is headed by Adv. Shachar Shimony, Gilad Ochayon and Yinon Ochayon, who joined forces as leading department partners after many years of collaboration in Hagag, Buchnik, Weinstein & Co Law Offices, one of the most prominent and recognized law firms in Israel.
תמונה של צוות משרד עורכי דין שמעוני - אוחיון

Experts in commercial law and international transactions

Shimony-Ochayon Law Office provides ongoing legal advice in a range of areas of practice in commercial law to customers in all industries and sectors.

The leading partner of the office is Adv. Shachar Shimony, one of the office founders, who specializes in legal advice to companies and businesses in all aspects related to corporate law, international transactions, investment agreements, corporate governance, incorporation of legal entities as well as establishment of relationships between partners / shareholders, etc.

Adv. Shimony previously served as partner and Head of the Commercial Department in Hagag, Buchnik, Weinstein & Co. Law Offices for 10 years.
His former job description included serving as Chairman of the Corporations Committee and Capital Market Committee in the Tel-Aviv District of the Bar Association.

A lecturer on corporations, commercial law and international law, Adv. Shimony is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at The Hebrew University (LL.B.) with honors, and holds a BA with honors in Business Administration from the College of Management (specializing in financing).

The firm's commercial clients include companies, private persons, institutional entities, venture capital funds and leading Israeli and foreign investors whom the firm regularly supports alongside representation in complex and large-scale ad hoc transactions.

Shimony-Ochayon provides practical, specific and targeted legal advice on key and critical issues. Our legal team exercises the requisite skills, business acumen and solution-oriented approach while working on each transaction-.

We adapt optimal strategies for the relevant case, based on the client’s interest, business goals, circumstances and business environment.

Among the Law Office’s areas of practice in commercial and corporate law:

אייקון ליווי משפטי

Ongoing support of companies

אייקון מימון פרוייקטים

Purchase, sale transactions, mergers

אייקון הסכמים בין לאומיים

International agreements (mergers and acquisitions, supply, license)

אייקון מיזוג חברות

Establishment of corporations, founders / partners agreements

אייקון ייצוג משפטי

Representation in investment transactions (for companies and for investors)

Why us?

Why us?

Beyond our extensive experience, out-of-the-box thinking and professional standards of our team, we view every case individually that requires an accurate reading of the circumstances, the small details and our clients’ interests.

More importantly, we love people. We feel a sense of calling and responsibility in providing a solution to legal challenges faced by our clients, and make sure that we are available to them for any matter that arises, whether small or large.


Benefits in working with us:

אייקון ייעוץ משפטי
Practical and focused legal advice, while isolating and handling with added care the main critical issues that may affect the course and execution of the transaction.
אייקון הבנה מעמיקה במשפט
In-depth understanding of the business world along with an understanding of the legal world and ‘rules of the game’, allowing us to create and adapt the best strategies for every case.
אייקון מנעול אבטחה
Optimal protection of our clients legal-business exposure, interests and needs that are important to them, and achieving the optimal goals in implementing the transaction.
אייקון טיפול בגישה
Solution-oriented approach with one goal: completion of the transaction or rapid and efficient resolution of disputes while maximizing beneficial results for our clients.